Æternity Payment Application Update #8 (0.9.12)

Hello to all friends, teams, and community.

We had a great time at the Aeternity Universe Conference, and we hope you enjoyed our talk. In that week we worked closely with the Developer teams to continue towards Release 1.0 of the payment application. We are very grateful for the warmth and help received!

At this time we are setting up a new node and hub to use the latest Node and SDK releases. We expect this task to be finished shortly; after this the new version using the improvements in the Aeternity State channels will be released in public and announced here as always.

Also a definitive move to Github AEternity repository is being worked on.

Thanks for the patience.

The change-log for the last release for the Praga conference follows.

0.9.12 “Devcon” (190920)

  • On insufficient funds return to Main Menu.
  • Beautified close tx Wait screen.
  • Fixed missing await causing OnChainTx (and maybe other events?) to be missed
  • Fixed Tx history failure when empty list was fetched from server.
  • Fixed Tx history popup
  • History entry now shows peer (buyer/seller) address and correct item information.
  • Pretty print of TX Hash at Open and Close
  • Ignore channel open request if already in OPEN state.
  • Tighter user interaction logic at “Show QR Payment”
  • Confirm payment will show N/A if there is no concept entered by merchant
  • Channel re-open will check if there is reconnection info available at payment hub
  • BigNumber Round-up policy is now used where appropiate
  • NoSleep package used to avoid mobile browsers going to sleep at Channel creation.
  • Application icons w/manifest.
  • Banner asks confirmation to go home on click.
  • Other UI and navigation Fixes