Aeternity release v6.11.0

Hi all,
We had been asked for some specific improvements of the node and those were time sensitive. Hence we released a new version of the node - v6.11.0. Our goal is to serve the AE community and if you have some specific needs, please speak up so we can prioritise those.

The important change is an improvement of devmode that allows users to emit a lot of blocks in a single request. The actual problem was the the block production was time-restricted to 5s and if one wanted to produce a local chain with say 200 000 blocks - it could timeout depending on your hardware. Now this restriction is lifted so one can request (and wait for) millions of blocks in a single request.

Some other notable changes are:

  • the introduction of the FATE debugger: kudos to @radrow.chain and @ghallakaeternity.chain being the brainpower behind it. If you want some details for it - they will help you out
  • mempool used to be syncing as soon as the node started syncing. Because of different protocol versions (esp. if you sync from genesis, having the roma protocol) some newly synced transactions would have been discarded as invalid (from the older protocol perspective). This is now fixed and the mempool start syncing only when the local top is X blocks below the sync target top, where X is configurable (500 by default).
  • the ceres protocol keeps accumulating more features - this releases adds support for arbitrary size byte arrays and Chain.network_id as a FATE operation

The release is out since yesterday and had been happily running on our nodes since then. You can upgrade your nodes and enjoy the new features yourselves.