Aeternity return back event "The power of superhero"

Aeternity Embassy in Tanzania(Dodoma) is so happy to welcome everybody to its return back event with the power of superhero that will take place at the college of informatics and virtual education(CIVE) on Sunday of this week, we shall discuss the general introduction of blockchain and Aeternity and then we shall going to explore the power of superhero to the modern society.

What is blockchain?
why do we need it?
proof of work and proof of stake?
what is the limitation of blockchain?
Why aeternity?
the innovation of eternity?
what is a superhero?
how to use a superhero?


Computer science, Information Technology and engineering student, Researcher, and other blockchain enthusiasts.

LOCATION: University of Dodoma, CIVE, FL2, Dodoma Municipal, Tanzania.


Great to hear you and your community are back @jeremiah99 :smiley: The meetup is on October 11th?

As you are talking with a developer audience, maybe you want to go into the technical features of the Superhero æpp as well:


Yes @erik.chain The meet-up is on October 11th And most of the Audience are developers.


Great! Please let us know how it goes and share some pictures and videos please :smile:


for sure! @erik.chain.


Hello family!
On 11/10/2020 we have a great local aeternity meet-up with developers, cybersecurity, engineers, teachers, and other local people.
We have a great talk about eternity especially a new social platform in eternity called a superhero, Many people were interested :smiley: :smiley: to know more and do some tests with superheroes, they have asked a lot of question about superhero and how they could use it.
There are also some developers who were interested to play with the source code as well, Like I said it was a great moment that will add value to the aeternity blockchain.
A typical question asked by the participant include can we use a superhero for a revolutionary movement like making a campaign to remove a dictatorship government? can we use it for fundraising? Can we use it for advertising our business? can somebody hack my account like what happens on tweeter? A lot of questions in fact, Some of them I failed to answer so I hope you guys can help!
Here is the video of the event kindly enjoy it with the quality you need.


Just in case you don’t have enough time to look at the video here are the pictures

of the event;

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Hey @jeremiah99, thanks for organizing this amazing meetup about Superhero in Tanzania! :smiley: :clap: :clap: :rocket:
First of all, could you please tell me how many people participated? (either physically or online)
To answer your questions:

  • Superhero is completely decentralized and censorship-resistant, so you could essentially use it to raise funds for a revolution :sunglasses:
  • You can promote any business or organization on by sending a tip to the website URL and explain the value of it, also encourage others from the Superhero community to check them out.
  • Your profile cannot be hacked like on Twitter as in Superhero it’s based on a decentralized crypto wallet on the æternity blockchain, so there is no central database to hack. If there was a hack to get your private key or seed phrase, only one person at a time would be exposed when a hack occurs and it depends on everyone’s own personal cybersecurity when they use the internet.

Also I highly encourage you to invite your developer community to join our upcoming DeFi hæckathon on ! You will also have a specific prize category for solutions built using the source code. :gem:

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When does the project above eth begin to shift to ae? AE goes to the moon!

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Thanks so much, @erik.chain for answering our questions, I will paste them to my community, The meet -up was attended by 15 people aged between 23-35 years(i guess :smile: :smile:) almost all of them are developer or have a computer science background.


AE dares to challenge eth to dominate the world

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for sure @beijing.