Æternity Roadmap Update


Hey everyone,

We have always strived to be completely transparent with you. With that important goal in mind, we have just published a Roadmap update.

We are very aware that you want more clarity on when the Mainnet launch will happen. However, the best estimation that we can give you is still the Pivotal Tracker.

The expected date of the Mainnet launch is always an estimation based on our rate of development and encountered challenges. Our focus is on launching with the best product possible, which means we will only release after completing development, testing and undergoing a stringent security audit.

Thank you for your patience once again. Don’t forget that we are at the very early stages of crypto/blockchain development. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

We are getting there!

Best regards,
The AE Team




very dispointed with roadmap !!!


Did pivitol tracker main net estimate just go from November to October!?



Devps will accordingly to the actual development to adjust the estimate work in pivotaltracker, which means the estimate date doesn’t mean the actual final date, thank you for the noticing.