Æternity’s Roma Release is Here


Hello everyone,

As you already know, last week, æternity’s core developer team had a meetup in Rome, Italy and launched the first live implementation of the æternity blockchain.

Learn how we got to this moment and watch a footage from this memorable evening here.

Bear in mind that the Roma Release, as well as several subsequent releases, target tech-savvy users, like developers and miners.

We count on all of you to help us grow the æternity ecosystem and therefore we are currently working to improve the mining experience.

Best regards,


We need to make it available for everyone not only tech-users if we want this project to be successful, I personally think that that has been one of Ethereum’s greatest strengths.


Absolutely. That’s what all aeternity teams will focus on now.


Sure, that is our goal as well.
However, the network will need some time to get more stable and secure :slight_smile:


One more question, the incubator program, can teams around the world participate or is it only for Europe?


The Starfleet incubator is open to any team anywhere, no geographic limitations - the first edition actually managed to attract several projects from Africa for instance.

The second edition of the program will soon start accepting applications, we’ll keep you posted :wink:



Thank you ! I’ll be waiting.