Æternity Smart Contract Verifier - Easy Smart Contract verification and source code sharing

I’m thrilled to announce the official release of the æternity Smart Contract Verifier v1.0.0 , a powerful open-source API service designed to bring enhanced transparency, security, and even more trust to the æternity ecosystem. With a simple REST request, you will now be able to access verified Smart Contracts and their source code, or perform the verification, and share the code with the community yourself. The idea behind this project is to provide a robust, Open Source API that can be used by the community to add an additional transparency layer to their æternity-based applications interacting with Smart Contracts.

What is the æternity Smart Contract Verifier?

This user-friendly REST API simplifies the process of verifying smart contracts for their source code, correctness, and potential vulnerabilities. By offering seamless verification, audibility, and a public source code repository, the Æternity Smart Contract Verifier empowers:

  • æternity Developers: Ensure the reliability and security of your smart contracts, fostering trust with users.
  • æternity Users & Smart Contract Auditors: Verify the integrity of smart contracts you interact with, boosting confidence and participation in the ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Seamless REST API: Effortlessly integrate verification into your apps or development workflows.
  • Multiversion Sophia Support: Supports all established versions of Aesophia compilers for comprehensive coverage.
  • Public Source Code Repository: Foster transparency and knowledge sharing by storing publicly verified smart contract source code.
  • Run Locally with Docker: Guarantee trust by cloning the project and running the API locally with a single command.
  • Secure: Enjoys rate limiting, user input sanitization & verification, as well as optional reCAPTCHA v3 support for contract submission.

Getting Started:
If you want to simply verify a contract or share its source code, just visit our mainnet instance or testnet instance respectively.

You can also run locally or even host the service on your own.

Start by browsing the official Smart Contract Verifier repository, and then:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/aeternity/smart-contract-verifier.git && cd smart-contract-verifier
  2. Run with Docker: docker compose up
  3. Explore the API: http://localhost:3000/api

The instructions on how to build the application for production use are in the README.md

What’s next?
The development of this project doesn’t stop here. 1.0.0 contains the critical functionality required for successful Smart Contract verification and source code sharing. Future updates are already planned to bring improved documentation, and some already requested QoL improvements. If a feature you need is missing or an already existing part of the app could be improved, don’t hesitate to let me know through Github Issues or in this forum thread.

Stay Connected:

I encourage you to explore the æternity Smart Contract Verifier v1.0.0 and experience the benefits of enhanced transparency and trust in the æternity ecosystem. Feel free to share your feedback and questions in the GitHub repository or in this forum thread!


æternity Smart Contract Verifier v1.1.0 Released: Enhanced Functionality and Improved User Experience

I’m excited to announce the release of æternity Smart Contract Verifier v1.1.0, building upon the strong foundation laid in v1.0.0 and v1.0.1! This update delivers a range of new features designed to streamline your workflow, provide more comprehensive contract information, and enhance overall usability.

New Features:

  • Downloadable Contract Source Code:
    • Full Contract ZIP Archive (#32): Gain a complete snapshot of a contract’s source code by downloading it as a convenient ZIP file.
    • Individual Source Code Files (#14): Download specific source code files associated with a contract for granular inspection.
  • Comprehensive API Documentation via Swagger (#36): Leverage the industry-standard Swagger format to explore the Verifier’s API endpoints with greater ease. This interactive documentation clarifies parameter usage, response structures, and simplifies integration into your development processes.
  • Enriched Status Endpoint (#16): The /status endpoint now offers more detailed information about the Verifier’s health and operational state for easier debugging of the problems in case something goes wrong.

Additional Improvements:

  • Robust Unit Testing (#21): To ensure the Verifier’s core functionalities operate reliably, I have implemented unit tests for critical areas like input validation and contract verification. This strengthens the codebase’s stability and resilience.

Stay Connected:

I am continuously striving to improve the æternity Smart Contract Verifier. Feel free to share your feedback, suggestions, or bug reports, preferably through the following channels: