Aeternity SuperheroLeague 中国第二届会议-MAY 25th 2020: Live from China Broadcast Ep02











20:00 欢迎来到Aeternity中国SHL在线直播(主持人:冠头)
20:05 aeternity新版官网、正式版Superhero介绍(主持人:冠头)
20:10 aeternity特别环节,欧洲以太坊名称的由来 (主持人:冠头)
20:15 观众互动 (主持人:冠头)
20:25 和aens.io介绍(嘉宾:百鑫)
20:50 观众互动(嘉宾:百鑫)
21:00 ae挖矿教程介绍(鱼池、蜂池)(嘉宾:疯子凯)
21:15 观众互动 (嘉宾:疯子凯)
21:25 结尾互动(嘉宾:冠头)

关于Superhero (Beta版)于5月1日上线,用户只需安装免费的Superhero钱包作为浏览器扩展或移动应用,就可以接收或发送小费到他们希望支持的url地址。此外,Superhero还提供了一个纯网页钱包,并邀请开发人员在Github上贡献代码。小费接收者也可以把自己钱包地址添加到他们的公共网站上。每个用户需管理好自己的钱包私钥,并可以在任何支持AE代币的交易所提取小费。





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SuperheroLeague Broadcast : Live from China Ep02

Earlier in May, the English-based broadcast SuperheroLeague made its first airing in Chinese, with Chinese community members, during a prime Beijing time slot, in China.

More than 70 people joined to listen, watch, and join into the conversation of the debut of SuperheroLeague: Live from China.

In EP 01, Mr.Liu (founder of, aeknow.chain) and LiuShao (founder of, of presented their projects built on æternity blockchain.

It is now time for SuperheroLeague: Live From China EP 02 to highlight success stories from the Chinese blockchain community for local peers and the world to see.

May 25 th at 20:00 Beijing time (14:00 CEST)

SuperheroLeague Broadcast : Live from China Ep02

Organized by leaders of the Chinese blockchain community, SuperheroLeague: Live from China Ep 02 will feature Harley presenting his popular æternity framework platform and naming system bidding platform Also featured will be Redcan - a longtime, positive community supporter who will give a unique insider peek into mining tutorials of F2pool and Beepool. Together with members of the public who join the virtual audience, Harley and Redcan will have a lively discussion on how to quickly and conveniently realize aepp development based on blockchain leveraging æternity’s unique mining mechanism.

SuperheroLeague audience members are encouraged to ask questions about æternity blockchain throughout the program – with rewards of æternity tokens and T-shirts given for best participation.

Join the Broadcast as part of the live virtual audience:

Tencent Meeting:

Video Conferencing_Voice Conferencing_Video Conferencing Software_Video Conferencing System - VooV Meeting 1

Agenda Beijing Time (14:00 CEST) :

20:00 Broadcast Introduction & Announcements (Sevengun)

20:05 Introduction about æternity new website, new version of Superhero (Sevengun)

20:10 What’s Special with æternity? (Bitcoin-NG, Pow mechanism) (Sevengun)

20:15 QA and interactive with audiences (Sevengun)

20:25 and introduction (Harley)

20:50 QA and interactive with audiences (Harley)

21:00 æternity mining tutorial introduction (F2pool and Beepool) (Redcan)

21:15 QA and interactive with audiences (Redcan)

21:25 Networking (Sevengun)

ABOUT Superhero

Just launched this May, (Beta) allows users to simply install the free Superhero wallet as a browser extension or mobile app to receive or send tips to most url addresses they would like to support. Also a pure web wallet is available and developers are invited to contribute to the code on Github. Tip recipients can also add their wallet address to their public site. Each user manages the private keys to their own wallet and can add or withdraw tips through any exchange that supports AE tokens.

ABOUT SuperheroLeague

SuperheroLeague programming is broadcasted live with interaction from the public audience who join virtually. Each SuperheroLeague edition features special guests who explore tough topics of today with attendees from around the world that grab one of its virtual seats. Founded in Europe to explore new tech solutions with blockchain during times of self-isolation, powered by æternity blockchain.

ABOUT æternity

æternity is a public, open-source blockchain protocol that enables a platform for next-generation decentralized applications and high scalability. Its core components are written in the functional programming language Erlang, and its smart contracts are also functional. Unlike other blockchain platforms, the æternity protocol itself incorporates several essential technological features, including a recently upgraded virtual machine, off-chain scaling solution - state channels, on-chain governance mechanism, and naming system. æternity also features SDKs in Javascript, GO, Phyton, Java, as well as a middleware and a development suite that streamlines smart contract development.

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