Æternity Universe One Hæckathon

Fiæt AutonicDex
This is an idea a bout a decentralized exchange tht will enable various people to exchange different crypto currencies directly to their fiat curriencies.

Resolves this issue with a hybrid method wherein order matching is done off-chain with an intermediate party and then eventually using the block
It should also be decentralized.
More will be shared on the hachthon


Decentralized comunity funding.
Following the proposal of allocating some percentage of mining reward for development purposes. I thought about what would be the best way to distribute those resources and involve community into the process.
Aeterniny governance platform could be perfect for this mechanism.

I propose to develop smart contracts which would allocate funds from mining rewords and then would distribute it to most voted github issues.

Threre are multiple problems to solve, like how to prevent fraud, reword calculation mechanism, etc.

But I think it’s interesting

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This sounds, like a great idea! Quite complex though)
I wonder why you need a global id and login system. Wouldn’t it be better to strive for anonymity?
Anyways I’m excited to hear more details about your idea!


My proposal is to track bounty/sales comissions/rewards/tips using smart contracts and to present the weekly results on a leader board.


The global login system can provide you with a single login tool for any gaming platform (like Steam, GoG, Epic Games Store, and keep a record of all your data together, like all your achievements. Can be a first step for a decentralized games platform.

At the same time can be easier to find ‘cheaters’ and make cheating in games really a problem for you (fighting against cheating is a complex process and takes lots of resources).


We want to create a Lexon Aeternity application for smart community sign-up and running.

The functionality is to be focussed on registering, paying a fee, which weighs one’s vote, and essential roles in self-organization.

We will use Lexon to articulate the smart contract in human-readable form, which is then compiled into Sophia. This looks similar to this: http://3.lexon.tech

The smart contract driving the work will have some similarity to the Moloch DAO but less be formulaic and more accessible hopefully.

Much of our work will be in the back end, and we are inviting people interested in watching us and discussing the functionality.

We are looking for strong support for the front end programming to create the path from the web to the smart contract.


I’m building a very basic application that can call contracts, add values and i will try to use as many javascript methods as possible


It is already live hosted on github and you can follow the process here and join me in experimenting

Edit: now i build a trivia game

  • create / host a game
  • add questions and answers
  • register players that play a participation fee
  • start the game
  • winner gets paid out all participation fee
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Identity of Things

The Problem

  • when you want to buy luxury products (e.g. a Rolex) you are not able to verify whether it is a fake or not
  • when you receive products (e.g. medicine) in any company involved in a supply chain you can’t be sure whether the package content is being compromised in between

The solution

  • a miniscule tamperproof nfc-chip with a secure element (where private keys can’t get compromised) is included in the product or package
  • to verfiy the authenticity of the product the nfc-chip is being used to sign messages
  • the public keys of selected products are stored in different smart contract registries which addresses can be accessed through via AENS
  • the registry smart contract (e.g. “Rolex 2019 limited”) provides a function to verify the signed message and confirm the authenticity of a product

For demonstration purposes we will make use of a JavaCard (https://keycard.status.im/).


Hello Everyone,

Our idea is to present Memes that a user views and swipe through, but also can purchase.

The meme creator publishes the meme for users to view. If a user likes the meme and wants to use it, they pay the publisher in AE tokens (.10 cents as an example). Once paid an icon displays to download the meme) or a stock image is removed. The user then can be the first to use this meme on social media and the creator of the meme earns from it’s access to use.

To get it started we will be connecting API’s to Reddit (to retrieve) memes showcased to get activity going, which will be displayed within the browser based image slider (progressive web app). The users and publishers will connect using Waellet (contract signature). Payments will allow the user to buy from the publisher and get access to the meme.


Tour and travel
Tourism industry and travel in Uganda, uganda being among tourism destination within the globe has really come to my attention of introduction to blockchain technology. Ugandas tour and travel has challenges of transparency and security.
Blockchain will really help enable transparency and security in the industry whereby blockchain being P2P enables bookings and pickups to different destinations of tourism such as national parks , and other physical features. This can occur in flights drive bookings, hotels and many more,
This will give direct contact with clients and owners of different online travel agencies (OTAs)
This will minimise the costs invited in the business.
Smart contracts will exclude other frauds in the industry and other third parties.
Blockchain will eliminate some obstacles and provide solutions to other problems such as accuracy and highlighting current pricings, thank you

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Certificates over blockchain

BlockM3 guys (Uruguay) idea is to port blockchain verified certificates to aeternity. For any conference, hackathon or “certified participation” event we will be able to create a certificate with participant’s information that will be verifiable through an app by scanning a QR code.

You will be also able to check directly on the chain that any certificate actually exists and it’s real.

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Continuing the discussion from Æternity Universe One Hæckathon:

I want to participate in the hæckathon by building a decentralized payment system that makes paying more efficient and easy by allowing payment with cryptocurrencies. This platform will also allow trading of ætokens to fiat currency.

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Hello everyone, here is the link to the sophia smart contract editor !

It contains an example contract. Accounts are hardcoded and prefunded for your convenience, scroll down to find a logger.

I’m hacking along with you (also @hanssv / @hanssv2 and Ulf Norell :stuck_out_tongue: ) and improving all the issues you find in the editor while working on your projects ! :wink:


Electric vehicles are an essential part of keeping the world clean. However, there are insufficient business models within the charging stations industry.

The efforts of the industry are based around the development of the following scheme:

  • Charging Operators maintain a Charging Station (connect using open protocol OCPP)
  • Drivers of Electric Vehicles discover charging stations using e-Mobility Service Providers who point them to a convenient Charging Station (using roaming-like open protocol OCPI) and collect the bill for the electricity
  • A complex settlement procedure involving manual steps, complex negotiations, trust issues sends the money collected from the Drivers to the Charging Operators

Chaerge is a next generation roaming protocol that enables Charging Operators and e-Mobility Service Providers to connect through a trustless, real-time zero-fee bill collection protocol.

The smart contracts operate as an extension to the widely used open-source OPCI and OCPP protocols.

Charging operators and e-Mobility Service Providers can join the network with small effort keeping their existing infrastructure.

This allows for a smoother transition to a fully blockchain based solution and an undoubtedly easier adoption of other open protocols.


Good morning, hackers :blush:

The second day of æternity Universe One Hæckathon starts at 10:30 AM CEST with the teams’ progress reports :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Watch LIVE here:

Happy Hacking!


Hey there!

Used the extended time to program some extra features while traveling back to home. Let me share it:

  • Added support for Waellet, and now you can buy the games directly clicking on the game price:

  • Fixed a bug in the buyGame method, now you can buy games directly paying to the contract!

  • Homepage now calls the get_balance function and shows if you own any of the games:

And no time to do much more, but we are happy with the result.

Hope you all arrived well to your destinations today,


We had a great time & the results of our session are on display here:

Discussion of coops, minimal charta, its (partial) programming and a live DAepp.

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