Æternity Universe One Start Today - Watch LIVE!

Hello everyone,

The æternity Universe One Day has finally come :blush: and we are so excited!

We are all set at La Fabrika and waiting for the attendants :wink:

You can all watch the conference LIVE - the live-streaming starts at 9 AM CEST!

Entrepreneurship Track:

Developer Track:

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Thank you :heart_eyes:


This is gonna be lit!
Remember to invites others too!

Watched parts of both tracks, so very interesting. What a great aecosystem of people we have. Hope everyone enjoyed their networking beers and are set for day 2

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Thank you @ominous, it was really amazing!

We continue today with Day 2!!! :blush:


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How many people attended would you say?

There are still people coming so hard to say :slight_smile:

sweet no worries, looks like a great turnout on the stream

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There are many people attending this meeting.

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Hey thanks for that, entrepreneur track photo?

That is from Yani’s inaugural speech :slight_smile:

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scam meeting is over…

IIRC I read somewhere that there will be state channel wallet demonstration but I could not find it in the video? Could you please point me to minute it happen?

Thanks in advance.

What Scam???

Did you find the location for this demonstration? I couldn’t find it either. It wasn’t in David and Hernans state channel presentation. Maybe it was on show at the shop only and not recorded???

I could not find it during Ivanov or Wiger presentation

I heard Stoyan mention something to do with one of the app stores regarding the functionally of the SC aepp. I don’t think they got it working in time for the conference

here is state channel demonstration:


Thank you! Looking forward to watching this