Aeternity - US Insurance and Healthcare Industry Marketing Partnership


Hi Aeternity Community,

I am the CEO of Healthcombix, LTD. We are in the early stages of designing blockchain solutions targeting the insurance and health care industries in the US. Our web site is We’ve already built a lightweight privacy network. Now we are seeking a comprehensive smart contract and oracle network with state channel support.

We propose Aeternity partners with our team to build a blockchain insurance and health care marketing program in the United States to create awareness and gain adoption for Aeternity. Notable ecosystems such as Ethereum are doing this through their consultancy, Consensys.

Our preliminary Insurance and Healthcare program thinking includes the development of: 1) education material for decision makers and technologists, 2) use case papers, 3) presentation material for select industry events, 4) a rapid proof-of-concept program, 5) a targeted social media management program, and 6) an industry portal and/or blog.

We think targerted marketing is key to penetration in these markets focused on use cases versus capabilities alone.

Our interest in Aeternity stems from our research into the network and its integrated capabilities including smart contracts, state channels, and oracles. The Aeternity network though young has great potential for building robust solutions for industry in the years ahead.

We would like to help promote Aeternity in North America in the insurance and health care markets. We have access to senior managers in various insurance and health care organizations that would be interested in learning about your network and potential applications.

Our team has presented at many industry events. We have also written articles and been written about in various media outlets including Coindesk, Nasdaq, Journal of Financial Management, and others. Our team and network have experience educating, writing articles, speaking, conducting demonstrations, building proof-of-concepts, developing business, and bringing new products to market.

We can build this program in a timely and capital efficient manner with Aeternity’s support.

Hope you find this idea interesting.



Hello @cmaaghul and welcome to the æternity’s Forum :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this proposal, the insurance industry is quite an attractive use case for blockchain solutions!

I am forwarding your message to our business development team :wink:



Hi Cyrus! Sounds really interesting. I’ll reach out via private messages and we can schedule a call!


Thanks Luka - My Telegram handle @cyrusmaaghul. Look forward to chatting.


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