Aeternity Windows Release (experimental) - Call for Testers


Can you post more info on your setup, like epoch logs, Windows version, NVIDIA driver version if you are using the CUDA miner, GPU type?


no second window opens :fearful:


See Epoch Windows Release (experimental) - Call for Testers


Can I this miner be mined already? Or is it a test network?




Ok. @mrbeery reported a similar issue. I have yet to figure out how to debug this since I haven’t seen that behaviour myself. I will report back on this.



The default configuration will connect to the mainnet. So if you enable mining you’ll be mining on the mainnet.


For those with ‘out of memory’ error: please, post your RAM amount and SWAP amount, and try to increase the latter. It is a common mining error in Windows which often appears when there is not enough SWAP amount set up or insufficient disk space for SWAP.
Sometimes on Win10 I need 40+ Gb swap file to run multiple GPU mining on some coins, while the same hardware setup works well on linux with 2Gb swap.




i set swap to 40g+, run cuda29.exe, get same error:
GeForce GTX 1070 with 8192MB @ 256 bits x 4004MHz
Looking for 42-cycle on cuckoo30("",0) with 50% edges, 64*64 buckets, 176 trims, and 64 thread blocks.
GPUassert: out of memory C:/Users/Administrator/Downloads/wingpu/wingpu/src/cuckoo/ 387


Did you follow my earlier comment?


yes. this is mining working normal? how can i disable logging? the log file growing too big…


12:01:14.054 [warning] lager_error_logger_h dropped 51 messages in the last second that exceeded the limit of 50 messages/sec
This is normal?


This is fine in the beginning.


The default logging in the main windows is quite noisy. These log entries are not showing a problem, but expected. Feel free to paste the following command into that console and execute it by pressing ENTER:

lager:set_loglevel(epoch_sync_lager_event, lager_console_backend, undefined, error).


%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87 what number should i use for my 8 cards?


Yes. Its just set to 1 as an initial example.


can you offer another version based cuda9.1 for display driver less than v399.x


That will take some time, because I have to get such an environment set up first.