Aeternity workshop in Alicante

This afternoon DeFi workshop,
We talk about the aeternity blockchain at the university of Alicante and
we promote DeFi applications on aeternity

DeFi Workshop


Hey @Yermoo, send us some photos and share some highlights from the workshop :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Vanessa,

How are you?
We are living strange days.
meeting February 26
Here you have photos DeFi conference at Engineering School of the University of Alicante, we were presenting aeternity among some 40 university students of Economics, Business Administration and engineers.


Hey @Yermoo thanks for the update and pics, great audience, remember that if questions came up during the meetup you can share them here and community/devs can answer them.

Keep safe!!

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streaming meetup
[Vértice Colección: Aprendizaje centrado en el estudiante y metodologías docentes]

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