Aeternity's Vision/Rallying Cry

We Need This
I think it’s clear that aeternity needs a new vision (I call it a rallying cry) to drive us forward. Right now when someone asks what is aeternity, I just say “like Ethereum but better” which is weak.

And when I talk to layer 2 devs, I always hear “Why should I develop on aeternity?” which is not a good place to be in. I want to hear from them “I’m considering developing on aeternity because of (so and so perceptions) but I would like details”.

How To Involve Everybody The Correct Way
We last tried to come up with something in Antalya with the ae manifesto. Everybody wrote something on a large piece of paper. But then there were too many cooks, and that spoiled the manifesto.

Of course, in order for the vision to inspire everybody in the project, everybody should somehow have a say. But letting everybody have a say also makes the end result directionless and insipid. Thus the decision should be made by leadership, i.e. top-down.

But there is a big difference between “because I said so” top-down decisions and “let’s pick and choose, perhaps combining values when appropriate, perhaps making a hard stand in other areas, maybe compromising something somewhere, choosing some values as being more valuable than others” top-down decision. These choices are the top level’s to make.

Think of how the brain works. We all join our brains together to make something even more intelligent. But even a brain needs some executive decision-making. And thus, a collection of joined brains (this project, for example) also needs leadership to step in at this critical juncture.

My Little Suggestion
Rallying Cry (internal direction): The smart contract platform for functional programmers.
Slogan (public facing): Like a katana. The perfect tool to build the killer aepp.