AEX-11: Compliant Fungible Token Standard


At æternity Universe I gave a talk about regulated tokens / compliant tokens and created the AEX-11. The motivation is to have solid foundation for handling tokens which face any kind of legal regulations (payments, securities…) and make sure there is a first class tooling support. Hence we need a standard.

Few addons to what AEX-9 proposes:

  • dapps require more functionality for managing someones else tokens.
    Eg: simple “allowance” can’t restrict how the funds are used. This can be an issue for exchanges.
  • handling transfer reference
  • atomic respond to transfers - we need to handle a callback on transfer in the same transaction.

More details are here:


Update here:
The AEX got merged as a draft. If anyone will like to share an opinion please do so.
I will have a bit more time next week to catch up.

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