AEX 5 - Inter-wallet Communication

Discussion thread for aex-5:

Currently in a very rough state.
Let me know your thoughts and what else we can add/update/modify to this.

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updated and created a PR for merging into aeternity repo: first draft aex-5 by shekhar-shubhendu · Pull Request #14 · aeternity/AEXs · GitHub

aex-5 will be marked Final on June 5th. Currently, it has been moved to Last Call status.
As per the AEX-1, no unaddressed substantiated objections are left hence this should be done. in case of any issues please open an issue in the repo or address it in the forums.

AEX-5 has been moved to final. AEX-5 - Final by shekhar-shubhendu · Pull Request #35 · aeternity/AEXs · GitHub

does it mean that you proposing to make it final? Actually, I have some issues that are not resolved yet: Issues · aeternity/AEXs · GitHub

seems like it is answered here:

That issues are about AEX-2, and I’m updating them now. The part of issues connected to AEX-5 is here: AEX-5: Issues list · Issue #42 · aeternity/AEXs · GitHub, maybe you can share your opinion there.

stupid me :man_facepalming:

well valid points. discussions about the AEX`s should definitely be made public IMO.

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due to the difficulty to agree on the details of the specification it was decided to withdraw the AEX-5, we may work to an implementation first if there is a use case and then make an aexpansion proposal