AEX-draft 12 off chain state

This expansion points out possibility of using blockchain for maintenance off chain state.

You can use transaction payload to build off-chain state (most likely when it’s small)
You can use it to validate off chain data using hash in payload.

It does not enforce any communication protocol, besides:

  • using specific zero spend transaction to yourself
  • proposing to zip json payload of the transaction

It is probably one of the most common usages of blockchain, e.g. in Proof of Existence.
AEX standardizes way to emit data and reminds about this possibility, instead, growing
on-chain state.

Here is the draft:

Lovely solution :ok_hand:t2:

Maybe “tag” is better field name than “dest”?

Also it’s probably too early, but you could plan for message fragmentation as well?

Tag - good one, I am not sure about “dest”. What about “ns” (for namespace)? Tag is good, tho, because it’s short and self explanatory.

So, fragmentation can be part of the 3rd party protocol. If they wish (and pay) they can put a movie on chain, but should we interfere in the way they fragment it? Also, if we go deeper, we would end up in specifying another http (we would need headers, saying what’s length, which fragment it is, whats encoding…)