AirGap Vault on an iPhone 4s



I am new to aeternity and wanted to install AirGap Vault on an old iPhone 4s with iOS 8.2, but AirGap needs an iOS version >= 10.
It is not possible to update the 4S to iOS 10, so I am searching for a way to do it. Perhaps, you know a way?

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Hi Ulfa,

you can also check the for the base aepp wallet.


Hi Mark,

what I want to do is to create my private Key on this iPhone 4s and put it on a secure place.

Is the right place to find the functionality for creating the private Key?


Hey, no. The most secure ways to store your keys are Ledger and AirGap Vault. Unfortunately, if your phone does not support the iOS version, you will be unable to use AirGap. The best way forward will be to get a Ledger. Or maybe find another device on which you can install it - maybe a cheap/old Android one.



If you are going with less secure mobile base aepp you will have a 12 word phrase, that is essentially your private key


Using the Base aepp also means that you generate your key online, so it is less secure. Depends on how much tokens are we talking about. :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying