AirGap Wallet Browser Extension - PoC

We’ve been working on a Proof of Concept for AirGap’s interaction with æternity out of the browser with the AirGap Wallet Browser Extension. This is a first look at the flow with AEX-2 in mind, the Extension interacts with the identity PoC.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take part in this weeks Product call. We’d like to showcase the approach in a quick video.

PoC Video

The quick video show the æpp asking for permission to access the wallet, the extension granting access and then signing a transaction prepared through the æpp. The transaction QR code is scanned and signed on a mobile device where the secret is stored. Scanning the transaction back with the Extension and then broadcasting it to the æternity network to complete the interaction.

Next steps

We’ll be working on making the whole flow more user friendly by displaying the data more meaningful to the user in a next step as well as improving the overall user experience with the Chrome Extension application.


A first Alpha release will be available shortly, where we count on the feedback from all of you.


Great progress. Thanks a lot for sharing it here!


Awesome!! Great progress!

Great job! Thanks for sharing

Thank you! Good job.

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Love it! Thanks for sharing!