Akshwani Hæck Project Ideas! Feel free to share your ideas here, even if you don't participate

We have gathered some really interesting project ideas for the Akshwani Hæck over the last two weeks from our community and would like to share them with you in case you participate at the hackathon, but you are still in need of an idea! We got you covered :smiley:

  • build a bridge between AEX-9 and ERC20, so that folks can easily move their ERC20 to AEX-9 and use the advantages offered by the Aeternity Blockchain. The basic architecture in this case would consists of 3 main elements: 2 bridge smart contracts - 1 on Eth side and 1 on Sophia side and 1 Bridge API that would continuously monitor the requests coming in on either side. For more details, please connect with me @Gyan0890#9895 on Discord. I can program both in Sophia and Solidity and I am looking for someone who has a bit of front end expertise to build the front end interface and some js expertise to build the Bridge API. Happy to collaborate on writing the contracts as well.

  • create an AE based lightning network for bitcoin. LN is multi-sigs and state channels… maybe an oracles required too.

  • AE based version of the “Graph” token if it helps development of AE smart contract use cases

  • wrapped bitcoin, stable bitcoin token, collateralized AE smart contract

  • multi-sig on steroids, use GA to create a kind of distributed secret where nodes can sign bitcoin transactions, each AE node would have to have it’s own signature, could be kind of like a consensus signature, wallets can have socially distibuted secrets for recovery, the whole goal would be able to have AE nodes be able to sign a bitcoin transaction… creating a vault on bitcoin network

  • build a derivatives exchange akin to Synthetix token, derivatives exchange but trading only one asset first? … as MVP

  • service that handles signature collection of multiple users. ideally the users have a mobile app and get notifications when they need to sign a transaction that was proposed by another user of the multisig

  • decentralized insurance system. Users pay a premium to a smart contract for their flight being late. If the airplane is late, then the fee will be paid out. This check of the airplane is done externally, so if smart contracts can´t be triggered by an oracle, which would normally do that check, then how can the recuperation be paid out?

  • restricted event-based oracles system

  • demand ip calling software is a great use case of state channels, on every pulse there will be transaction happening and if the calls get disconnected the tx closes and goes onto the blockchain

  • IoT sensors oracles + state channels to reduce nano payments fees

  • health care insurance æpp using state channels for payouts

  • DID based IDO whitelisting solution: This falls under the overall ICO industry, the whitelisting has been always neglected by teams and IDO platform, and we keep on using the same google form and keep collecting the same investor details again and again, and every team goes through the same effort and time.

Hi everyone , my two aettos here!

  • Stable coin system DAI / MKR like but pegging to BTC not USD and using ae and aex9 community approved aex9 tokens to mint.
  • Using oracles to check that a credit card transaction was done, this opens up an enormous field of possibilities

  • Using oracles to help people achieving their individual goals.This comes from an early 2017 medium post

  • Using oracles to create friends/family circles of objectives in which an amount of tokens is in place and the ones who achieve the objective get as reward what the ones who did not lost. I.e running x kms, you deposit X tokens, if you achieve your goal you recover your X tokens + a slice of the tokens lost by the ones who did not achieve the objective.


I’d love to see an AMM protocol implementation for AEX-9. bridge would be cool but I think the DEX is more important.

we from kryptokrauts are implementing a dApp that allows to predict future prices of certain assets and resolving those predictions via oracles. looking forward to present our solution and get feedback :slight_smile: