All my Aeternity coin has been stolen!

Hello… All my hard mined Aeternity coins have been stolen on 29.07.2023. They have been transferred from my address ak_2aJeDAWPGrJ7oGMXGY4X4FJaYsPvytbBuydzePBec5ArVwtr44 to the ak_2ffpBkmHZnriQZ9Yv6PayHnompKU3juRDVCtK7D9hEdESveKhH. One day later they have been sent to the one of the richest address: ak_6sssiKcg7AywyJkfSdHz52RbDUq5cZe4V4hcvghXnrPz4H4Qg. On the last address there are currently over 17506726 AE!
Many of you may have been robbed!
I have used two wallets for AE on my phone - Base aepp and the Superhero.
How did they get compromised?
Of course nobody had access to my password.

Can someone explain where was a failure?

ak_6sssiKcg7AywyJkfSdHz52RbDUq5cZe4V4hcvghXnrPz4H4Qg This address is the address of the gate exchange You can contact the exchange and report to the police to find the person who stole your wallet

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Thank you for your reply. Do you know which exchange the address belongs to?
Can the local police in Germany deal with such cases?

This address belongs to

I don’t know if the local police can handle it. You can consult with the local police

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Hello szuwar,

I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. It’s important to note that Superhero Wallet has no known vulnerabilities. Our development team consistently scans for potential vulnerabilities and works to enhance the wallet’s security measures.

Regarding the compromise, it might be worth considering factors outside of the wallet itself. Ensuring the security of your seed phrase is essential. Store it offline in a safe place, and for added security, consider manually typing it instead of copying and pasting it to minimize risks like clipboard attacks.

Remember to evaluate the overall security of your devices. While this situation is unfortunate, maintaining vigilance and practising strong security practices will go a long way in safeguarding your assets.

I agree, contacting seems to be a wise step in this situation.


Thank you Paolo for your reply.

I am aware of the risks and strictly follow the password handling rules. My seeds are always stored in an analog way. So I don’t really understand what happened.
I reported the issue to today and am waiting for a response.
I will also go to the police.

Have a good day!


have you been able to rectify your issue?
i had similar problem too.

Hello, No, nobody could help me.
I didn’t won’t to go to police because of 50 € worth loose. Without it io gate won’t make anything.

A lesson for the future is not to use mobile wallets on your cell phone.

I have coins on Exchange Mercatox. Their wallet has been in maintenance since 2019
Developers should try to help them as more exchanges for AE helps

u have to contact the police asap and report that address to