Although the words are hard to hear, the facts are so harsh

I think AE is miss the time . If the price lower and lower , Investors will no longer be sustained attention. It is the true. To do market.No time left

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Please try your best to solve the trading problems on the trading floor as soon as possible. There is only technology and no market support. It is difficult to get continued attention from the market, especially to solve the deposit problem in the trading floor.


No matter how bright the flowers are, if there is no market support and better publicity, the flowers that are planted can only be appreciated by yourself.



aeternity is great and will remain great. 1 AE = 1 AE. fasten your seat belts when the space ship takes off! otherwise you might be ejected and get hurt. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :star2: :star:

and I wonder where these always complaining unqualified newly registered users are coming from? there is no point in being negative about your holdings. either stay positive and help to create a selffulfilling prophecy or just sell and shut-up and join another spaceship. so whats left is that some competing system is paying some trolls to repeat the negativity. anyways, thanks for making us stronger! æternity blockchain is past the point of disappearing anytime soon.