[AMA] AMA Call for All Exchanges on 51% Attacks Prevention

Dear Exchanges,

AF is determined to protect the integrity and the security of the aeternity ecosystem. We are pleased to invite you to participate in our private AMA Call “Why aeternity is resilient to 51% attacks” with the aeternity core team ( @uwigeroferlang.chain , @dimitar.chain , @gorbak25 , @radrow , …). The developers will be happy to resolve all your technical questions about the 51% attacks prevention on aeternity, as well as briefly introduce and explain the new monitoring tool AeCanary.

Please post all your questions here, on Telegram in the exchange groups or via Email to [email protected]. We will collect and answer each of them in the Q&A session where you as an exchange are very welcome to participate! Just write your questions in the chat of the meeting room and the moderator will pose them for you.

The Private AMA Call will start at 2:00 PM CEST on the Mai 19th, 2021 and can be joined by the participants from all exchanges. The recording of this event will be made available to the exchanges.

Please make sure to registered on the form and raise your voice about the anti-attack solutions and tools of aeternity. As a highly valued partner of aeternity we need your support as an exchange.

A new transparency calls initiative has been raised for constructive feedback and debates with the exchanges about cyber-attacks prevention on aeternity, security improvements and lost funds tracking.

AF is happy to cooperate with exchanges to analyse the attacker’s transactions and the possible returns on the stolen coins, as well as, to support the exchanges to resume the normal ae trading.

AF want to see all ae users feel safe and happy to use ae trading.


Will there be a summary of the AMA for everyone who isn’t an exchange but is still interested in 51% attack prevention?


Dear @philipp.chain, Sorry for disappointing you but the ama event was dedicated exclusively to the exchanges since it seems they still need technically to understand how the ae protection works. However all the relevant information is publicly available and documented on the GitHub.