AMD RX 570 and 580 mining software

Hey @palepuarun, AE mining using AMD GPUs is now available, did you try it already?

MinerOS is.quite terrible and the “installer” not recommended.

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We have an AMD miner that is ready to test. Message me if you would like to try it out.


Interested. send me link.

Are you running Ubuntu 18.04? We use the AMD Rocm driver.

I use ubuntu, yeah. 64 bits.

Does your @droidifi miner incorporate the 3GB mod by @tromp ?

It’s a configurable option but speed slows ~30%.

Hi, can I try your miner for AMD?

Still good enough for old rigs that are essentially standing around collecting dust. Can you fill me in on the testing ? I want to help as I can. And obviously use it later on :slight_smile:

We can put the binaries up on Google drive. You need to set up Ubuntu 18.04 and then install rocm (apt install rocm-dkms). Make sure you do not have the amdgpu-pro drivers installed, rocm is a replacement.

The miner is two parts - one binary replaces the cuda29 binary that comes with epoch (~/epoch/lib/aecuckoo-1.2.0/priv/bin/cuda29). The other can be run either interactively or as a system service.

Our cuda29 binary sends mining requests over a socket connection to the server. The server is ~30% faster than the Aeternity method of shelling out and re-initializing the GPU’s for each mining attempt even on Cuda cards. (We have a Cuda version available as well).

Let me know when your machine is ready and I will send over a link.

Machine is ready. Can plug in 4x 580/480. Be quick @droidifi because soon there will be 2080ti to go into that rig

Can you send me a link to the AMD miner as well? I’d love to check it out.

So how about AMD performance in AE mining, guys?

Still nothing on windows? :open_mouth:

you can use minerOS,the 2 miner support AMD gpu mining.

How to use minerOS ,you can see

I found out this program can mine with AMD GPUs under windows. Wow, this is interesting

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Hi, can you please send me a link to the AMD miner as well? Would like to check it out!

I have 3 test machines with xbuntu 18.04 loaded on them.

If the software works on Ubuntu server 14.04.03, I can have some rigs up real fast, since its already installed.(I prefer the older fglrx 15 drivers)

I see benchmarks for AMD cards. Support for 6GB cards in there too ? 7990 specifically

afaik it supports 4gb cards