An Introduction to the Aeternity blockchain and development tools. Nacional Abierta University (UNA)

Good Morning, next Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 4 p.m. It will be held from the city of Barquisimeto, State Lara Venezuela, at the Nacional Abierta University (, the talk “An Introduction to the Aeternity blockchain and development tools " The duration of the talk is 60 minutes.

The topics to be discussed are: Introduction to the Blockchain, how does the blockchain work ?, What is aeternity ?, characteristics of Aeternity, characteristics of the protocol, resources (api servers, public nodes, services, explorers, wallet), creation of the Wallet Base Aepp, Wallet Waellet creation, Wallet binance creation, faucet tool, testnet explorer tool, test contract tool, aeknow tool, meme-voting application, use of, contact us.

The goal is for the student to have the basic knowledge and tools to enter the world of application development with Aeternit


Hey @bguevara, thanks for sharing, we’ll be attentive to some highlights from this workshop