An Introduction to the Aeternity blockchain and development tools (UCLA) session 1

Good afternoon, Wednesday, 12-feb-2020 at 9 a.m. The talk “An Introduction to the Aeternity blockchain and development tools sesion 1, was carried out from the city of Barquisimeto, Estado Lara Venezuela, at the Centroccidental Lisando Alvarado University ( " The talk was attended by 30 students from the Computer Engineering. The duration was 60 minutes.

The topics discussed were:
Introduction to the Blockchain, how does the blockchain work ?, difference between digital money, virtual money, cryptocurrency and tokens, bitcoin, which allows the blockchain ?, how to access, its new design, courses to take and case example of use that you can send for first bonus.

What is aeternity ?, smart contracts and real examples, status channels, oracles, scalability via status channels, decentralized applications developed with Aeternity, creation and use of the Aeternity virtual wallet.

Participants were reaffirmed how to access the platform and relevant information about our forums and documentation was sent to their emails.

One of the students of the 8th semester of Computer Engineering was interested in using technology as a thesis project, he was told that the development course of Aeternity 101 of the dacade platform is an important resource to start a project and that as ambassador he help in case of doubt


Great crowd @bguevara Thank you so much for your support and dedication!

Keep us updated on the progress you’re making :wink: It’s so inspiring to know that students are interested in the technology and wish to apply it in their degree projects :rocket: