An Introduction to the Aeternity blockchain and development tools (UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL ABIERTA)

Good afternoon, Wednesdey, 26-feb-2020 at 3p.m. The talk “An Introduction to the Aeternity blockchain and development tools sesion 1, was carried out from the city of Barquisimeto, Estado Lara Venezuela, at the NACIONAL ABIERTA University ( " The talk was attended by 25 persons, teachers, entrepreneurs and students from the System Engineering. The duration was 60 minutes.

The topics discussed were:
Introduction to the Blockchain, how does the blockchain work ?, difference between digital money, virtual money, cryptocurrency and tokens, bitcoin, which allows the blockchain ?, how to access, its new design, courses to take and case example of use that you can send for first bonus.

What is aeternity ?, smart contracts and real examples, status channels, oracles, scalability via status channels, decentralized applications developed with Aeternity, creation and use of the Aeternity virtual wallet.

The following questions were asked, if the aeternity currency can be mined ?, it was explained that if it can be mined and a forum link was sent where information about it is shown. Another question was focused on how the company wishes to support universities, they were informed that through the program ambassadors are educated through free activities and courses, informing about the use of Aeternitty technology for adoption and application in the Universities

A project is planned to monitor the distribution of a liquor called Cocuy, manufactured in the Lara state, since there is a counterfeit network for this Liquor which harms the business owners of the brand


Hey @bguevara great job!! I like that use case, tell us how they move forward with it :slightly_smiling_face: