ANNOUNCEMENT : Join us this Friday (16:00 CET) for AE ecosystem brainstorming hangout on “How can Blockchain help fight COVID19 pandemic”

ANNOUNCEMENT: In the light of the current situation we decided to host a small get together for the AE ecosystem this Friday (16:00 CET). We will start off by discussing “How can Blockchain help fight COVID19 pandemic” and do a brainstorming session on all the possibilities we can do to make a difference. Afterward whoever wants can stay online with us, grab a beer, tea, coffee and do an informal after-work hangout just to relieve a bit the tension and talk about anything and everything. Participation is not mandatory, but you are welcomed to join :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes! Join the good fun, we’ll talk about how we can help the world and then just chill together–without leaving our own homes. No one has to be alone in quarantine. Virtual meet-ups can help us all keep our spirits up in these dark times. :purple_heart:

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