Announcing Æternity's Integration with Acurast: A New Era of Decentralized Applications 🚀

The Aeternity Foundation (AF) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Acurast. This collaboration introduces Acurast’s Level 1 integration with Æternity, enhancing our blockchain’s capabilities for decentralized applications.

Acurast, a leader in decentralized serverless cloud computing, now enables Æternity developers to seamlessly integrate with its platform. This integration provides developers with the tools to create truly decentralized products and leverage innovative Web3 use cases.

Æternity’s scalable and secure blockchain platform, known for its advanced oracle system, is now further empowered to support a wider range of applications and services. This partnership opens new opportunities for developers in our community to explore and innovate.

Developers interested in utilizing Acurast’s services can start by accessing the Acurast Console for job submissions and explore the benefits of this integration for their projects. For more information, visit Acurast’s Developer Documentation.

We invite the Æternity community to engage with this new partnership and explore the possibilities it brings to our ecosystem.

Also excited to announce that the Acurast team will be joining the aeternity Foundation as part of the Judge Panel at the upcoming CryptoCastle DeFi and DAO Hackchallenges. These events will showcase the innovative potential of the new Acurast integration, focusing on the strategic application of Oracles and the revolutionization of decentralized finance and organizations.