Announcing the Æternity Universe One Conference!

ANNOUNCING the first major event dedicated to the #aeternity #ecosystem!

The Æternity Universe One #conference will take place in the period September 20-21 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Learn all the details by visiting the event website!


II probably won’t be able to attend to the conference :disappointed_relieved: … already planned and booked a trip for this weekend.

I hope all talks will be recorded and uploaded!

This is really sad :sob: … I was really looking forward to it.

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Ahhhh, @marc0olo this is indeed sad :frowning:

Oh, fortunately something that looks professional and a way better than other attempts. Hopefully Aeternity will show new developer tools and a better explorer which can read contract data based on a real example (ERC-20 like fungible token standard?). The really, really interesting thing would be fungible token enhanced with privacy. I have no idea if it would be possible, someone can say it might be possible using state channels, the other may say the zk-snark tech is needed for this. I say, I have no idea :wink:

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Is this the conference stated at the end of the roadmap?

Will the new roadmap be announced on the conference?

Did we pass on the airdrop?

Hey @ugran, yes this is the same Developer Conference.

Concerning the airdrop, we are planning on doing it after the last scheduled upgrade in September, we will give more details about it soon :wink:


Hey all,

Here are some more details regarding the æternity Universe One Conference:

Use #aeUni to spread the word! :heart_eyes:

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Hey all,

We just sent a newsletter to invite you all to attend æternity Universe One conference in Prague in September!

If you are not subscribed to receive our newsletter, you can check it out here:

See you in Prague :slight_smile:

Hello again,

Did you secure your tickets for æternity Universe One Conference?

Bear in mind that Early Bird rates expire on August 15th, 2019!

Hurry up and come meet the æternity family in Prague in September :slight_smile:

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Anyone interested in the event can join the dedicated Telegram group ->

Hey all,

#aeUni is quickly approaching - excited yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you ready to discover æternity’s cutting-edge technology?

Including the most efficient State Channels in the industry, oracles, and a user-friendly Naming System:

Come meet the team in Prague :slight_smile:

:boom: And that’s a wrap! :boom:

The first æternity Universe One conference is now officially over!

Thank you all for being a part of it and for making it a legendary event! #WeAreAeternity :heart_eyes:

Expect tons of content and big announcements soon!

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rank from 21 to 100, you gays working so hard…