Any efforts on Aen being added in Samsung Keystore

Hi Guys,

So for now samsung s10 keystore features
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Klaytn, Stellar and Tron.

Any hopes Aen could be also added.

would be good to know if there are any efforts indeed. if not, maybe start it?

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Yeah Yani was going to tag you to this lol.

So while working on Android security for our project. I came across this.

In short.

The latest android SDK support two mode

  1. TEE (trusted Execution Environment) this is the old one where keys are generated in atrusted operating system other than main os
  2. SE (Secure Execution) Only supported in API level 25 + latets

SE will be a chip based security Like in the controller chip that runs operating system we will be able to generate key’s

So in order to generate a crypto key, the SE should support that key standard .

So far Samsung has released one with blockchain key support . and some blockchain are supported
Would be great if we can get AE supported some how . :smiley: