Any non-Chinese pools available?


Since Aeternity has decided to fully implement centralization I guess it’s if you can’t beat join 'em time. Experience with Bitmain makes me leary of joining anything from China.


I’m not directly against Chinese pools, but all AE pool solutions so far feel very sketchy (Win10 actively blocks a lot of scripts because of this) and requires google translate at every step. I’d love a English based pool with some of the modern mining features like payout settings and such.


You know what? Have you followed the zcoin fork this morning? Total nightmare. Some people have their own private miner and mine all the blocks.

Here you have beepool with a private miner sharing it with you… For windows… People… Come on… They could have kept it for themselves.


Well it was the same in Aeternity for a week … and beepool opened their pool just in the same time AE team did upgrades to the mining process - might not be a coincidence…


Didi showed up almost as soon as uber did, coincidence? no.

Sabotage? no.

Competitive business environment? yes.

Stop being paranoid


Haha I was just replying to the post above which said zcoin fork was a nightmare - while AE launch wasn’t?? because there’s beepool and we should be somehow grateful to beepool.

I’m not paranoid : ) There’s no “sabotage” here, only hard competition, esp. in times when farms are going bankrupt…