Anyone has problem deposited to hotbit and they kept the coins for days?

Does anyone has problem depositing to hotbit and they just kept your coins and in their website the deposit button has been greyed out. It’s been 3-5 days now and nothing happened, coins never arrived.
I kept emailing them but they keep asking me to wait patiently.
Does it happen to anyone else and why they kept my coins? Very shady this hotbit.
My tx id:

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try message them on social media.

I did email them everyday and they keep telling me to wait. The transactions are there, the coins has been arrived but they kept my coins for whatever reasons.
I think they’re scam, they problably sold my coins when it’s high and now they’re short of coins to pay me back.


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They did not disable withdrawal but disable deposit without any anouncement so that when you deposit, the coins will go to their main wallet and they kept it or trade somewhere else. In other words, they use our coins to trade. If you check their main wallet address which is ak_7x4HpPLRLfotVVcGzYU8ZZwKhoLW7NXg9hAi2pSEyRBo4Vq1c
You will see there’s a lot of small incoming coins but then they send out a large bumber of coins to other exchange (trading). Bunch of a-hole. I will report their ass to the authority for fraud.