Apply for Infinity Wallet support of Aeternity

I’m a user of Infinity Wallet ( and really like it. However, to cashout mined Aeternity coins I’m kind of forced to use some other wallet, which supports Aeternity, then exchange coins to the other currency and then send it to the Infinity Wallet. That’s a long way to go and no AE coins in my wallet at the end.

I’ve explored their website and found a form AE owners can fill and apply for the support. I’ve checked questions and many of them are like “Upload a logo of YOUR coin” - so these questions are for the owners I think, not for the users.

Add a Chain or Token - Infinity Wallet - here at the top is a link to the Google form “To apply for integration of your chain”.

Infinity Wallet is a great free crypto wallet and I’m sure you will enjoy that its users can send/receive AE coins directly. That’s a larger user base. Especially, you don’t need to do a hard work here, only fill the form to apply, main job will be done by the wallet developers. They could contact you for more info, but I don’t know.

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maybe you misunderstood that every user of AE is also an owner of AE? you can’t use aeternity without owning some AE (or fractions of it) since AE are required to pay transaction fees which go to the miners. aeternity is decentalized. would be great if more wallets support aeternity blockchain. the software is fully open source and can be integrated without asking anyone for permission. if you are asking to support the integration with voting or similar this forum is a great place.

By owners I meant more like developers. Because some questions are similar to “How large is your social networks user base” - I don’t know how many followers/viewers/users all your social networks have in total.

Also there is a question “How are you related to the coin” - if the answer were “Main developer” I guess they would take it much more seriously.

But in general, I’ve have already filled that form. It would be great if I get supported by other people and you fill the form too.

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Thanks @trumomask for pointing out this opportunity, it will be reviewed internally :slight_smile:
(the listing isn’t free btw, you can see it in the link you posted earlier as well)

Btw which wallet are you using store your Æ Coins?

I thought you only need a form from Chain Listing section and not Token Whitelisting or Token Custom List Integration.

Currently for AE I use Atomic Wallet.

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