Ask for help on issues related to AE token migration. Missed the time and did not complete the migration

AE tokens have been in imtoken wallet for a long time. Recently, I read the announcement to know that it is going to be migrated.

It has beenIt’s been nearly 2 years since I missed it. I read the tutorial of the forum, but the AE mapping migration address sent in the forum is invalid

frontend-dot-token-migration. appspot. Com this address is invalid

Wolverine’s wechat failed to pass the friend application and could not enter the group

I have to come to the forum for help. If you see, please reply, thank you again!

This is the latest information I think: The æcommunity comes through with a great solution for the ERC-20 token migration 👏


yes, the info @hanssv.chain shared should still be valid. migration should still work. let us know if you have any problems and if so please provide as detailed information about it as possible :wink:

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one small thing to add here. if you aim to use Ledger with base aepp you should be aware that this is currently a problem:

has nothing to do with Linux alone in that case. fix is on the way

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