Assignment of contracts

  record state = {
    day_accounts: map(address, map(int, account))}

With this syntax, how should I store the value of state?

first update your most inner map, then the outer map, then put it in state

Ok, I thought I could do it all at once

do you get an error message when nesting the map updates?

Yes, that will prompt syntax error, you can try to see

yes, it will be helpful if you post your full issue, so we can see what you have tried and help based on this

Sophia’s grammar is still a little out of the gate. I’m still learning, so I can’t make good use of it. It would be better if the tutorial is more abundant


yes, I agree we need more tutorials to help the community learn more easy :slight_smile:

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The solution isn’t always “please give me code” :roll_eyes:

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