Aternity meetup at CIVE Dododoma

Hello friends!Once again am so happy and so proud to be an aeternity ambassodor,On 28/01/2020 we got a very special aeternity meetup as the continuation of hands on training of sophia programming language and dissection of our two project submitted at Dacade with me and Mr Mghase,we also have a warm up of thinking possible use case of block chain to our society.We have then discuss about start fleet India and we end up on having question and answer series.In fact the meeting has impact of which two of our member who have some programming background will submit their project for dacade101 courses on this week,some pictures of the events and videos are;

And here is the video for the events;


Great job @jeremiah99 and @mghase ! :muscle:

Here are some more details from this meetup:

Questions by the participants: Can i get a job studying Sophia language? Can I participate in the Starfleet program alone? Is there a bootcamp for Sophia language? How can I start my own startup with æternity blockchain? What is a possible opportunity with æternity blockchain?

Possible æpps use cases: Blockchain-based citizenship identification system, Blockchain-based government fund distribution, Blockchain-based tax collection system, Blockchain-based event ticketing.

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Hey, let me try to answer some of these questions:

  • Experienced developers are always welcome and could find many job opportunities within æternity;
  • The Starfleet program is tailored for early-stage projects with predefined team roles, but there is no harm in applying alone. If you want, you can even find collaborators here in the Forum;
  • The Forum is the best place for you to get support for your æternity startup - whether you need financial or development help;
  • The AE ecosystem offers a variety of opportunities - startup mentoring and support via the Starfleet program, blockchain business consulting via æternity Consulting, development grants via æternity Foundation.

Let me know if you have more questions.



thank you so much @albena.chain for your answer i will paste in our local group so that every body will see the answer,those who have already joined in the forum will see it here as well.


thank you so much @erik93 for putting here question asked by our participant.

Also this dacade submission for the æternity 101 course came from this meetup: (event & ticketing platform)