ATTENTION: Fake Facebook Page!

Hey all,

Please be aware of a currently running scam/spam in Facebook by a page that impersonates the official æternity one.

Fake Page URL:Æternity-Community-422994981807212/

Original Page URL:

The scam looks like this:

You can report it as scam!

Hey everyone,

This is another FAKE PAGE that is doing scam/spam:Æternity-Project-824853647874179/?tn=kC-R&eid=ARBOZA0ojHMuQVSpQ6IRmh2Muu34sruF7v751TRcKnxPRom8IjV5cYzkVWsrQHdbL1G03OYIdcVWOkGr&hc_ref=ARSRQdJtiEEayKG5HCdglC1qbAWS9gaetAygzD-CkOohZR6QQEpjNCUbijmNa_mmGYk

Be careful.

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