BALANCE_ACCOUNT_NOT_EXISTENT- Error when doing a transaction

am doing a simple transaction (contract call) where I am using my below account which has sufficient AE token balance to perform the task. The error I am getting while making the transaction is “qBALANCE_ACCOUNT_NOT_EXISTENT�6ܢ”. Why this is the case even though my account has AE tokens.

I am triggering a smart contract entry point (code mention below). I have been using the same aeternity account to trigger this contract multiple times before as same can be seen from its transaction history on the aeternal explorer.

JS function using @aeternity/aepp-sdk
option = {secretKey:“secretKey”,publicKey:“publicKey”}
await‘testFunction’, [Id, address1], {
onAccount: option,

Please confirm which network you are using, the main network and the test network. If it is a test network, please confirm whether there is a balance under your account
Can be achieved by
To check your account balance

Hello Baixin,

I am using test network and I have checked, both of my public keys has 5AE balance under it.

Make sure you’re using the network, check the code, and set the node to mainnet, usually for several reasons

If you can, send out your calling code

this error occurs in fungible tokens if the account you are trying to send from is not existent as token holder.


Looks like that’s the issue. Let us check and confirm.

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Thank you Phillipp. Its resolved now.

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