Base ae wallet question

I started mining Ae and opened up Base ae app in the chrome browser. It didn’t give me any recovery phase and even now If I create a new wallet it doesn’t give a recovery phase or any option to view it anywhere.
Then I connected the wallet in my mobile (different wallet), by using the remote option and scanning the qr code.
The chrome app removed the local wallet and now I can’t access it. I can only access the mobile wallet in both places.
What did I do wrong?
Is the chrome local wallet lost forever?

can someone please answer this?

I need to start by saying that is not a good practice to send funds to any wallet without having you seed phrase secured. If you can’t find a way to do it you should stop there.

Regarding your problem, there is some issue when you load the wallet on incognito at you web browser so I’m deeply sorry to say that there is no way to retrieve it unless you still have access and you can send it to another wallet (please secure your seed phrase before).

I’ll add @philipp.chain here that may have some trick.

I personally use base aepp but always with safari and no incognito mode or through the old mobile app.

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Yes ofcourse it was just me being foolish about it and didnt’t see that the seed phase wasn’t there. It’s not a big loss, but still.
The thing about the browser app is that the issue might go deeper than that. I’m not using incognito. It’s normal chrome window. Even now if I create a new wallet, it just creates one without giving any seed phase or anything. Mobile wallet works fine.