Base aepp - desktop version?

Title says it all. Is there a desktop version of the Base aepp planned? It will be comfortable to have one for future applications.


I am not sure if it is planned, but probably it is worth porting it as an Electron app.

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I don’t think there are plans for that. Maybe @stoyan_ae can clarify?

That could be fun when the number of aepps grows.

The Base æpp works in desktop browsers. You create a connection between your phone (where your private key is stored) and then you can use it in your desktop browser. Try it at in Chrome and let us know how you get on with it.

I have already used it on numerous occasions.

It would be nice if it doesn’t require switching to a mobile view on the browser to be used normally. That particular tweak is just inconvenient - not everybody stores their private keys on the phone.

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Do you prefer using a browser extension?

Not necessarily, just a non-mobile, browser-friendly version would be good for now.

I see. Could you elaborate on your preference for a desktop version that’s not an extension (and is not taking its private key from a phone)?

We are open to requests from the community. In order to develop certain functionality, it makes sense to understand the motivation behind it as well as to get a sense of the demand (how many people are interested in it).


I was having in mind something resembling Exodus, a more “tangible” wallet if you will, as a desktop version, but with the added benefit of access to the aepps.

The current browser version is okay but it would be nice if the user doesn’t need to switch to mobile view to get the full functionality. For example, I can’t readily log into my account from Chrome on my laptop unless I switch to mobile view.

I have a few other ideas but I’m drawing up a separate post on that.

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A physical wallet like Ledger Nano S also works on the desktop and can be used with base aepp. However I also think it’s a great idea though to just have the Base Aepp also work on computer desktops without having to use a mobile phone or ledger nano to activate it. The base aepp is really just a website link, so the features would just have to be adapted so it works on desktop too.

I pretty much never use my phone for anything, and I’m just on my desktop often. I have never done any crypto related transactions on my phone except those involving Aeternity.

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Exactly. I never use mobile for crypto, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Would you prefer a version of the Base aepp which works in desktop browsers or a standalone application (not loaded through a browser)?

Personally I don’t like downloading things and development-wise it would take a bit of developer resources to develop an electron wallet. This would then have to coincide with the base aepp development and if one of them gets a new feature, the other one has to be updated too, which can lead to developer headaches having to update two separate projects for the same thing. It is so much easier just focusing on working on one project at a time.

The base aepp is pretty amazing, having it working with desktop is good enough IMO.

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A desktop browser version would be good enough for now.

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The Base æpp is based on web technologies with native wrappers. The overhead in deploying to a desktop browser vs a native application is not wildly different. The issue is more about key storage. There are a lot of users opening the Base æpp in desktop, so we will figure out a way to measure the demand for desktop (without mobile) version and weigh it against the security concerns, and then decide if we will pursue this approach. I will post an update here when there is one.

I love to have (kinda old-school) a piece of software which I install in the system, than it do the chain sync and after that she allow me to perform basic operations. Like bitcoin-core, monero-gui or zen-protocol. In case of aeternity it could be kinda full braeser. Ethereum ecosystem still fail to deliver something like Mist that works out of the box. This could be good opportunity for AE.


I would love to see Base aepp working as a stand-alone browser extension (both Firefox and chrome). I would see it working like Metamask - which you could easily integrate with any browser app. Whenever the app triggers a transaction, the extension would popup and ask for confirmation (just like we have with Ethereum dapps)
It’s super useful for basic interaction and even more useful for testing / development.

PS: Mist is deprecated, almost no final user was using it. Metamask is probably the most popular way to interact with Ethereum dapps.

Are you familiar with the Waellet extension?

It does more or less what you are speaking of.


@stoyan_ae - thanks - didn’t hear about it.