[Base æpp ] UX improvement URL auto complete


could an URL auto complete be implemented in the future? :slight_smile:

Something like this:


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Do you mean autocomplete based on previous URLs entered by the same user in the address field?

I think she wants an auto-complete functionality that shows frequently used aepps by other users. So if 500 users enter gomoku.aepps.com, it would show up first when a user types in “g”

I think a better suggestion is to have an “Aepps Database” that just has a directory of all available aepps, and then have auto-complete filter based on that directory. I wouldn’t use “Aepps Store” since that phrase I think might breach the app store trademark.

edit: changed the title slightly

Maybe I missed it but there should be a ‘go’ button on the aepp browse section. When i paste url in i have to open up the keyboard unnecesaily and hit ‘go’

Once #1 in my last response to the topic below is implemented we can consider autocomplete based on the Base æpp list of æpps:

@Drugzbymail are you part of the Base æpp Telegram group? The URL is t.me/aeppbase

It’s slightly easier for us to keep track of feature suggestions for the Base æpp there. The forum is okay as well, but it’s better to make a separate topic for each suggestion.