Base æpp Wallet -- We would like YOUR feedback!


I am Stoyan. I coordinate the development (and design) of the Base æpp Wallet.

We would like to collect your input on the Base æpp and I have made a form to gather your contact info and schedule a follow up. The form is here:

You can find the æpp under the links below.

iOS Download:
Android Download:

Additionally, we now have a dedicated Telegram channel/group for conversations related to the Base æpp Wallet (so that we don’t clog the main Telegram channel with ongoing conversations between passionate early adopters and our small team).

If you have any input related to the Base æpp, or you would just like to stay in touch with our releases/updates via Telegram, please join us here:

Looking forward to hearing/reading from you!


The biggest pitfall is that you can’t just paste the private key to sign transactions. You are forced to use hardware wallets which most of the users don’t have and especially new users. We all know it is inevitable and any “yadayada” about security and good practices is not relevant. You can show the warning or something.


The voting aepp doesn’t work for me in the Android version. The web-aepp works flawlessly

Is there one Github address?

The Base app repository is here.

If you mean something like scanning a QR containing the private key then I would totally get behind this idea. The idea that you can use a paper wallet to sign transactions is of a lot of interest for me. specially if you can use the device offline to sign.

However this seems to be out of the scope of the current base aepp, anyways, interesting idea