Basic Minimal NFT contract not working

Greetings everyone.

I was trying to develop a basic Minimum NFT contract that can serve custom minted tokens.
I am getting errors and neither ae studio nor contracts interface execute read or write operations.
I think I am doing something wrong but not able to spot it now.

You can find the contract code here…

The error I get when I call for : mint with a string like abc

on contracts interface

As we spoke earlier, try to dry-run and you will get the following error:

Error: Invocation failed: cb_TWFwczogS2V5IGRvZXMgbm90IGV4aXN0b81u5w==. Decoded: Maps: Key does not existo�n�


Thank you Omar,

Discussing with you about this further solved the problem, Which was that Map key wasn’t there in first place.