Beautification of base

It is recommended that base be glamorized. The current base interface is pretty bare bones. If I’m new to base, I feel like the team that created the APP is informal and unprofessional. It is recommended to make the application a complete makeover, at least to make sure that the team behind it knows what they are doing when they first come into contact with it, so as to attract more users.After all, it’s an official wallet.

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Do you have a wallet that you like as an example? I’m curious. I think the interface is decent on the base aepp but I agree that it’s not glamorous.


A make over with the purple/pink colour scheme would look smick, the app is decent and professional looking

I couldn’t have agreed more, I was just talking to the lead ambassador, Aeternity Nigeria that the base æpp looks like it was developed for developers.
It’s quite frustrating to use

It’s not too much trouble to use, but it’s not pretty for the average user

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Hi @stoyan_ae ,Other icons, including the overall design, are flat, but these 4 icons are not, they make the overall look very uncoordinated.

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That’s a huge problem right there, æpps are meant to be used by average users not geeks


Hello everyone,

The Base aepp was designed in this way in order to make users feel less intimidated. The icons have been selected as to make the average user feel more at home. I don’t agree that it is dedicated to geeks, quite the opposite.

I think the main focus currently should be on adding more features and making them work flawlessly, than focusing on something as subjective as “proper design”. I think the design is good enough at this point.

Let me know if you know about another mobile app that you can use to make transfers to human-readable names, participate in decentralized name auctions, use governance, and create digital art.



@supergodp thanks for your input. We are very much aware that the look and feel can be improved. In fact a visual redesign will be done eventually. We have other priorities at the moment, but this does not mean the Base æpp will have the current look and feel indefinitely.

Sharing examples of wallet applications you like + explaining what you like in them is very helpful. We will take your input into consideration in future redesign. So please continue to share it.


Like the imtoken wallet,I think it’s much more beautiful than base.A beautiful interface helps to increase the user experience, which is also very important, while researching the technology must not forget the user experience, otherwise it will lose users


Great. I reviewed ImToken wallet again. I agree with you about beauty x UX.

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