Beer æpp - where to apply the concept next?

æternity developed the Beer æpp for re:publica 2018 and distributed free tokens to all attendees, which could be converted to beer via the æpp. A full description of the æpp can be found here.

We would like to hear from our community to what other contexts and events the Beer æpp concept can be applied to. So we created this topic!


Just the beer app or an æpp that works similar to the beer æpp?

  • tradeshows/conventions
  • festivals
  • game arcades
  • transit cards
  • brewery tours (specially in Denver)
  • ski lift passes
  • travel points/miles
  • gas points
  • …any merchant that uses points
  • meal plans (college students)
    Not sure if that was what you were looking for…just thought of times when I have had left over credits that could have been used by someone else.


æpps that work similarly to the Beer æpp.

Thanks for the use case suggestions!