Behaviour of SDK is different on localhost and production

Hey guys.

I have the same piece of code running on both localhost and production.

On localhost the software works as expected, while on production given the same inputs I got an error from the SDK:

The error is:
aepp-sdk.browser.js:952 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Invalid checksum and is caused by the usage of decodeBase64Check.

You can find the complete source here:

I checked both version of the SDK - they are the same - 6.1.3.

Redeployed multiple times in case of a “package cache” or something like that. No results.

Thanks @kraykov it would also be good to get an example of the data you are trying to decode when you encounter this issue.

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Can you please also provide lines where you get this cb_... string

from the above endpoint I get the callinfo and then the log

Then the log is processed like this:

return Crypto.decodeBase64Check(log[0].data.slice(3)) .toString('utf-8') .split(',');