Best æpps on æternity blockchain

What are the best applications of this blockchain in your opinion?
It can be used for ethereum future uses

For me at the moment Weidex atomic swap. No Kyc, fast, no fees and governance app when ledger support is enabled


The graffiti aepp was a cool showcase but it doesn’t seem to be accepting new art right now. The coffee shop testnet aepp was a nice demo for state channels. Some of the Starfleet projects are going live like ridesafe and crypto task.

The current lack of apps using oracles is a little disappointing but I think oracles combined with virtual State channels will produce some groundbreaking use cases and apps that will be unique to AE. However, this could take some time as virtual State channels are not ready yet


There is also the testnet token sale aepp. We’re making fast progress and will surpass Ethereum in some ways soon

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