Best way to configure AMD rig


I have a rig constituted mainly of AMD RX 480, RX 580 and some Nvidia cards which I used for mining Ethereum. I amb very interested into migrating to AE mining and I believe this network has much more potential.

I believe that currently the only option to mine AE with AMD hardware is MinerOS, and the ones that I found are in Chinese.

Is there any other option? What would you recommend in this case to start with AE mining?

Thank you very much. I don’t have much time to invest in mining research right now and I’d be very thankful if I can borrow your experience to get started.

Just some directions would be fine :slight_smile:



Please check this æternity mining pools chart.

Let us know if you have more questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


I see I’ll need MinerOS and there is an English guide to configure it in the F2pool tutorial…

Do you know what they mean with AMD GPU “3 series” not supported? Which ones are these?

I’m looking for it but I’m not sure what they mean.