Better Developer Experience & Engagement


Hey æ people,

I’ve just read an article (in German) regarding to SDK’s recently and would like to translate and quote my most favorite part of it:

"Manufacturers often provide SDKs free of charge for their hardware or software. The underlying intent is to make it as easy as possible for interested developers to program plug-ins or apps for the platform which increases added value for end users.
A simple example are smartphones: without the many third-party apps, the smart phones would be far less versatile. That’s why SDKs are available for all popular smartphone platforms, enabling ambitious programmers to realize and publish their ideas. "

So this means basically that the harder it is to build apps, the less sustainable it will be in the long run and the less potential developers will exist for the according platform.
=> less developers, less cosumer-facing apps, less users.

How could we promote and demo every sdk/ dev tool we already have (or going to have soon) and make it as easy understandable as possible to wake up intrinsic motivation of other developers who have bomb ass ideas and want to build stuff by their own without any “behalf” (almost every dev codes mostly because of fun and passion, right)?

What could we improve in your opinion? What’s missing right now for a good DX (developer experience)? If you’ve any proposal or inspiration, please feel free to share it over here! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! :partying_face: