Big thank you to everyone paticipated in BRI


Greetings, community!

The Block Reward Initiative (BRI) has been concluded.! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the discussions and in the voting process. If you have missed the final results, have a look at this blog post that was recently shared:

The æternity crypto foundation is very pleased at the success of this very first on-chain governance vote for the future of the platform.

As stated before, if the miners decide to approve the protocol change and adopt the BRI, all redirected AE tokens will be used for development.

We are confident that the BRI could play an important role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of æternity and improve the speed of development by supporting developers who want to expand the ecosystem.

We will update the community periodically by sharing reports regarding the use of the BRI tokens…

We would like to thank everyone for participating in this first governance vote. We look forward to more community-initiated votes in the future!

Kind regards,

The æternity crypto foundation team